Dear super-rich fellow citizens,

the global crises are escalating and science and meanwhile also the financial sector are realizing that the overexploitation of our resources and social structure is no longer acceptable.

We must all make a contribution according to our possibilities. This unique offer, underlined by the relatively high price, is directed at you. It is an appeal to take an active part in healing the planet and our common good. Most of you are, directly or indirectly, special beneficiaries of decades of global profit maximization at the expense of our livelihoods. Your contribution can and should therefore be accordingly.

This offer includes:

  • The 'Break Out Of Babylon' album in signed gift box as vinyl & CD
  • A Wolf Maahn private concert, with band or solo in Europe
  • A USB stick with a custom-made song by Wolf Maahn about you or a person or topic that is close to your heart
  • One original drawing each by Angelika Maahn (from the youtube trailer) and Wolf Maahn (Original 'Huberbauer' comic, if desired with reference to the personalized song)
  • Further specials (we try to meet your wishes)

To purchase this exclusive and unique "Charity Edition", you are asked to donate the sum of € 1,000,000, half each, to two non-profit NGOs that are actively involved in nature conservation and social projects. The handling fees incurred result from the 1:1 passing of the processing and production costs. These include the production costs for the exclusive private concert or third-party charges for the recording of the song written for you. The participating artists waive their artist fees. The total costs may vary depending on the configuration, the concert location or room you require. A low five-digit sum is realistic.

The details will be negotiated by you and Wolf Maahn or the respective authorized representatives and will be fixed in a contract.

If you are interested, please send a personally signed letter of intent to

Libero Records
Posfach 850340
D-51028 Köln

Helping can bring a lot of joy : - )
Have a nice day !

Wolf Maahn
Libero Records