Third Language

I see a picture with closed eyes
Of understanding in our lives
Aware of all the games we hide behind
We're of so many different types
Have so many scars inside
Though fortunes vary
We're still of the same kind

Oh, we share this water
Break the same bread
There's a kind of knowing
Hidden in our heads
Oh we share the cities
The sky and the land
It's time to see it all
Time to make a stand

And say heh, heh, heh
Read between the lines
Say heh, heh, heh
Try the third language
The third language
The third
Try the third

Come and open your eyes
And surrender those that lies
I'd like to know you, I'd really like to understand
Come and celebrate this life
And every tender night
Let's be the champions in the art of stretching moments

Oh, we share this water...

When we turn to fake the stars
And pour back this great love
Waving down to all the searchers for a dream
We will stop feeling concerned
And see we're here to live and learn
There's always time for changing horses in

Oh, we share...

©1988 Transmission Songs
Text / Musik: W.Maahn / W.Maahn

Third Language

Third Language