Born Beautiful

She was born beautiful
She was full of grace
She used to laugh on my knees
She used to laugh at my face
She used to call my name
She would pull my hair
I thought she'd never change
I thought life was fair

She was born beautiful
She was born free
And life was just a puzzle
For her to solve with me
Now she's burning bridges
That she has not made
She is looking at things in an indifferent way

Not left or right
Nothin' dark nothin' bright
She is living in a shadow
So afraid of the light
Not black or white
Not a sound or a sight
She is living in the middle
Of a cold grey night

She was born beautiful
And grew up strong
With a sense of right
Cause she was still young
But time makes for changes
That are sometimes wrong
Now she's lost her way
She lost her tongue

Not left or right...

She cries on my knees
She pulls her hair
To confused to believe
That I'm still there
She was born beautiful
Without a care
And I'm starting to feel
That this life's not fair

Not left or right ...
She was born beautiful, she was born beautiful
Ooh, so beautiful
Into a cold grey night

©1988 Transmission Songs / Chlodwig Musik
Text / Musik: W.Maahn, John C Barry / W.Maahn

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